Lancelin and the Pinnacles

After deciding to leave Perth and head north, our first stop along the way was a place called Lancelin, where you can sandboard. It's is only about 90 minutes from Perth, and the town itself, although small, has places you can rent all your equipment (which it turns out is just a board!). We rented... Continue Reading →

Rottnest Island

Two days before we left Perth to travel up north we decided to spend the day out on Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island is a small island, about 19 square kilometres, and about 18 km off the coast of Perth. It's inhabitants are predominantly wildlife, most famously the Quokka, and there are ferries that go to... Continue Reading →

Margaret River and Busselton

On one of our weekends we had off in Perth, we were able to head south to explore a little bit of Margaret River, which is the wine region of Western Australia. Due to having a fairly tight budget at that time, and the copious amounts we tried in South Africa, we chose not to... Continue Reading →


We spent almost 7 weeks in Perth during March and April before making our way north. If I'm honest, we flew into Perth because it was the cheapest place to fly into and it was the shortest flight, rather than any big desire to see Perth. But, in hindsight, I'm glad we did, because we... Continue Reading →


You may have noticed a lack of posts over the past few weeks, which has mainly been due to lack of Wi-Fi and terrible phone signal where we are at the moment. Where is that, you ask? Kununurra, Western Australia. Way up towards the top of Australia - 3319 km from Perth, which took us... Continue Reading →

24 hours in Dubai

Dubai isn't a place either myself nor Rich have ever had a strong desire to see; however; we had to stop there during our flight from Johannesburg to Perth, and as we knew we wouldn't be going back anytime soon, we decided to add a day to see a bit of the city. We arrived... Continue Reading →

The End of the Garden Route

To read about the start or our journey along the Garden Route click here. To read about the second part of our journey along the Garden Route click here. As I'm writing this last post about South Africa and our adventures along the Garden Route, I am sitting under the stars in the outback of... Continue Reading →

The Garden Route – Part Two

To see the start of our road trip from Cape Town driving the Garden Route click here. After our great evening sailing and chowing down on some amazing seafood in Mossel Bay, we started to make our towards Knysna via a place called Oudstroon. Armed with a list of suggestions from Este and Jacque, that... Continue Reading →

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