Walking with Dragons

Having a date when we have to be back in the UK means we have a lot of places to go in a set period of time, and, after spending 10 days in Bali (longer than anticipated, but worth it), we had to choose where else in Indonesia we'd like to go and lose the... Continue Reading →

Scooting around Ubud

We spent 3 days in Ubud, and it's safe to say that it definitely ranks high on my list of great places in Indonesia. Ubud (the town) is surrounded by multiple villages, which make up the Ubud District. Over time the town and surrounding villages have merged into one, so it is very difficult to know... Continue Reading →

3D Art Museum Seminyak

After a day wandering around Seminyak and getting very burnt at the beach, we were looking to do something out of the sun for a bit before being picked up to climb Mount Ijen. Not wanting to spend a ton of money drinking cocktails or getting massages (which are all readily available and then some), we instead... Continue Reading →

Climbing Mount Ijen

We decided as we were planning our trip to Bali that, if at all possible, we'd like to go to neighbouring Java Island and climb Mt. Ijen, which is an active volcano with a sulfur lake in the crater. Having read up it a bit, it sounded really cool and something a bit different, which... Continue Reading →

Francois Peron National Park and Monkey Mia

Road tripping across Western Australia is amazing, with so many cool sights to see; however, there are LARGE parts of it that are incredibly boring and monotonous as well. The drive north to get to Francois Peron National Park and Monkey Mia was one of those times. It's just long stretches of empty, straight, hot road, with... Continue Reading →

Lancelin and the Pinnacles

After deciding to leave Perth and head north, our first stop along the way was a place called Lancelin, where you can sandboard. It's is only about 90 minutes from Perth, and the town itself, although small, has places you can rent all your equipment (which it turns out is just a board!). We rented... Continue Reading →

Rottnest Island

Two days before we left Perth to travel up north we decided to spend the day out on Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island is a small island, about 19 square kilometres, and about 18 km off the coast of Perth. It's inhabitants are predominantly wildlife, most famously the Quokka, and there are ferries that go to... Continue Reading →

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