Hello all!!

14446022_10157498098085282_7800621261477039754_nI’m Melissa!

← This is me.

I’m 26, and I live in a tiny town in the UK. I live with my husband Rich, who’s also 26.  That’s him ↓

13680952_10157198098165282_2895564382110671717_nI grew up in Calgary, Canada and I moved to the UK for the first time when I was 18. At the time, I wasn’t ready to go to university and I wanted to travel, and the UK seemed like the best option to spend a few months working and travelling around. Within days of arriving, something just clicked and I realised that I needed to spend more than my planned 5 months here. I ended up staying for 2 more years until my visa ran out and I had to go home (😭).

Over those 2 years a lot changed, and I had so many incredible experiences that have stayed with me. Although Rich and I started dating during that time we actually met the year before in Canada, not in the UK, but that’s a story for a different post!

Needless to say, during those two years I fell in love with the UK and got the travel bug.

When my visa expired, I headed back to Canada to tackle university and a long distance relationship! I studied Child and Youth Counselling whilst Rich was in Oxford studying Engineering, and we both learned a lot about time zones and communication 😫


It was incredibly hard; however we managed the 3 years and came out the other end of it married.

This started the process of my second move to UK, this time with the added stress of UK bureaucracy and visas. Once sorted, I was on the first flight over and thus began our lives as the Dunne’s. Fast forward almost 4 years through rental stresses, job changes, house buying, and lots of laughter and tears and we’re at today.

I work in social care with disadvantaged and struggling families trying to prevent children from going into care, and Rich works as a Business Development and Programme Manager at a company developing hybrid systems (Yea, I don’t get it either).

Recently we’ve talked a lot about what to do next, and our first instinct was to retire early and move to a tropical country to sell surfboards on the beach. Our next, and probably more achievable, thought was to travel more of the world together.  Probably unsurprisingly, we’ve gone for the latter.

So that’s where we are now and, hopefully, why you’re reading this. I’ve always been a big fan of blogs, and I have made attempts over the years to start one of my own. I’m always very good at the starting them; however, I’ve never really gotten any further then that, and have behind me a trail of half finished, mostly unpublished tries that never went anywhere. The goal is to change this, whilst being able to keep people updated on our whereabouts as well as hopefully inspiring others to explore. This, of course, only works if we’re actually travelling; which at the moment is not set to happen until February of next year. To get me from here to there I’m going to start now to get into a routine of blogging, which will include our travel plans, updates, and some mini posts about our life and adventures before we leave.

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Feel free to leave a comment about anything or ask me (or Rich, although he’ll undoubtedly rarely be posting) anything, and I hope you enjoy reading this as time goes on.

Xx Melissa

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  1. Gina says:

    Awesome idea! Can hardly wait for the updates!


    1. Thanks!! I’m pretty excited to go forward with it, so we’ll see how it goes!


  2. Karen Lucas says:



    1. Thanks!! Hopefully that continues! 😄😄


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