TBT – Wedding!

I’ll admit, after doing really well for the first 2 weeks and writing consistently, life got in the way (as usual!). I guess one problem I am facing is that, for the moment, our lives are actually quite boring: we get up, go to work, come home, and do it again the next day. Most of this is because we’re saving pennies and experiences for when we leave (5 months and counting), and we want to make sure we have the time to organise and plan properly. That being said, there’s still things I can blog about and keep everyone updated on, and I will continue to (try to) do so! Aside from this, I thought I might do a Throwback Thursday post every week recounting some of the travel we’ve already done and the things we’ve experienced.

Today works perfectly to start, because it’s Thursday and it happens to be our wedding anniversary! Our 4th to be exact.


Given that I am from Canada and Rich is from the UK, we had to make a choice about where the wedding would 1017074_1400960843458706_249291020_nbe located (I say choice, but it was always going to be in Calgary!). At the time I was living in Calgary finishing school and working, and it made it a whole lot less stressful to plan a wedding in the same city as me rather then across the ocean. Not that I didn’t trust Rich to help, but I didn’t trust Rich to help! What I did trust him with however, was finding a place for us to live together after the wedding and once I was back in the UK. Partners, right? 

Despite it being less than ideal that we had to plan a wedding whilst living in separate countries, I’m not sure there’s anything I would change about it. Given that neither of us are remotely religious enough to warrant a church wedding, we brought in our love of nature and held the ceremony outside. 


The dinner and reception we held at a historical site in Calgary called Heritage Park, which is a park that showcase what a town in the ‘wild west’ looked like as Canada was being settled. It was awesome and so us, which made it that much better. 

Our bridal party was absolutely amazing, and put up with hours of pictures and walking around the park to get great shots as we waited for everyone to be seated in the barn so we could enter. 

The weather was perfect, and there was so much love and laughter surrounding us that day; our hearts were full. I think we have the record for longest speeches at a wedding ever, as the best man went on for almost 25 minutes and the maid of honour was pushing 15! We chose to keep it fairly small, and we only had about 75 guests, making it easy for us to interact with every single person – everyone invited meant the world to us and were exactly who we wanted there at the time. We were lucky that so many of our friends and Rich’s family from the UK and Ireland were able to make it, as it was a big ask and not a cheap place to visit during the summer. We made it worth their while by planning a load of pre wedding Canadian activities, such as camping, hiking, and glacial swimming! 

Looking back at the pictures it seems surreal that it was 4 years ago today. I live in England now, we don’t see or speak to some of our guests as often as we’d like, and we’ve certainly been to our fair share of weddings since than as guests; but I can honestly say that day was perfect – despite the fact the lady who we booked to do our hair didn’t turn up we ended up using a friend last minute! I wish we had known then some of the friends whom we know now so that they could have been part of our day, but we’ll show them pictures and tell them stories instead and know that they would have only added to the love we felt from everyone. 

Our sweet jars
My girls – (L) Megan and Jo, the sisters. (R) Tegan, the MOH, and Laura
My mother’s favourite picture – her and her girls
Is this real?
Best friend kisses ( love you!)
View of the dress
Tight rope walking
Dad in front of his homemade photo booth
Daddy’s girl
Best wedding party ever

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  1. Karen Lucas says:

    You will soon write a book. Job well done xoxox


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