Some Thoughts From Richard

“How are you feeling?” / “Are you excited?”

Over the past few months I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked those questions. I’ve been asked them by everyone including close family, to caring friends and curious coworkers, and every time I have struggled to answer. Not because the answer is a special secret, but because everytime the answer has always been: “I don’t know”.

Yes, I was looking forward to the adventure but it felt like something I would imagine someone else doing, it never felt real. And because it never felt real, I did not really feel any clear excitement or anticipation.

It never felt real because looking back 10 years it is never something I thought I would do. 10 years ago as a fresh faced fresher just starting university I did not imagine I would be where I am now. Yes, of course I imagined graduating and building an interestimg career in the engineering industry. And yes, I imagined I wpuld marry and own my own home, but I never imagined taking a step back and pausing that life to simply travel.

It is only now, sat in the quiet surrounding of an Boeing Dreamliner, with my knees touching the seat in front, listening to the drone of the engines that it is starting to hit home. The adventure is starting to become real. We are flying to Tanzania, we are going to climb Mount Kilamanjaro, and we are going to stand as the highest people in the whole of Africa. Even when the climb is all over we will not be flying home for a new week of work, we will just roll onto the next adventure, and the next one, and keep on going until we want to go no more.

Now that this adventure is finally real, it is safe to say… I am very excited!!!

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  1. Karen Lucas says:

    Rich, Nicely put, I am sure that the seed has now grown into a Beautiful Plant and the realization of going on this Adventure has now come to reality. I am so very excited for both of you and look forward to receiving your Blog on your Beer Tasting.
    Love you Both so Very Much and please keep safe xoxo


  2. Tobias says:

    Richard, great to read your thoughts. When are you coming back? 🙂


    1. Hah once the world had run out of new beer to try 😂


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