Update about Australia

As you can probably tell, I’m slightly delayed in posting, so I thought I’d give a bit of an update tonight instead of one about Cape Town (I will get to that one though!) We arrived in Australia on Friday at around 7pm Australian time, after an 11 hour flight from Dubai. In order for us to get to Perth at a decent time on Friday, we had to take a ridiculously early flight at 3 am; however, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because we both just fell asleep right away. We landed in the evening and managed to make our way to the air b&b we stayed at for the weekend, and pretty much fell into bed right away.

I’ve done a fair amount of travelling where time change is involved, but I have to admit that this was one of the worst I’ve experienced. As we only spent 1 night in Dubai, we were still on South African time, and for some reason it just really hit me hard. Even a week later I’m still feeling like I’m trying to catch up!

We only had a place to stay from Friday till Tuesday, and we knew we needed to find jobs and a place to live pretty quick, so during our last week in Africa we had spent some time sending off resumes and organising house viewings. This meant that despite the jetlag, we were up early on Saturday to buy transit cards and make our way around the city looking at various places that we could rent a room from. They were all… interesting, to say the least. Basically, here in Perth, there are so many backpackers and travellers that look for rooms to rent for a few day to a few months at a time, the market is flooded with rooms and the standards are pretty low. We saw a lot of rooms in shared houses that were super dirty and gross, some that didn’t have proper windows or doors, and some that were so small you couldn’t even move. After looking at a number of gross rooms and coming away feeling like we might end up in one of them, we stoped for a break and to sort out Australian SIM cards and numbers for our phones, before trudging on to see the next round of rooms.

This was also the point when we realised that banks aren’t open on weekends here, and that Monday was the Labour Day holiday, so everything was going to be closed for an extra day. There went our plans of opening a bank account and trying to get everything sorted that we needed for jobs, and to top it all off, everything was more expensive because of the long weekend! Feeling a little bit panicky and like we weren’t actually going to be able to find jobs or a place to live, we decided to cheer ourselves up by going to the Pork and Cider festival. Best decision ever.

Once there, they had ‘taster’ cards for drinks that you could buy, which gave you 10 slots to try a taster cup of any beer or cider you wanted. We started off with 1 card between us, and about 10 minutes after we arrived a group of Australians came up to us and told us they were leaving, and handed over their cards! We got an extra 13 tastings for free, which meant we were able to try every single cider there, plus go back for our favourites. We paired it with a few different pork dishes and it was 👌.

Sunday was a slightly slower start after Saturday night, but we had viewings we needed to get to. We found that once we had an Australian phone number, more people were getting back to us regarding rooms, and they started to get a little bit nicer, so Sundays viewings were more of what we were hoping for. After about 4 rooms, we finally found the one we wanted – close to the city centre and next to trains and buses, with parking, and rent is super cheap without the place being disgusting. It’s a little apartment that we share with one other couple (who are English and we get on with great), we each have our own room and share the kitchen, living, and bathroom. It’ll do us perfectly for the next couple of months.

By Sunday, we each had a couple different interviews lined up for the week (one for the same company!), and we were feeling slightly more relaxed. As Monday was a holiday, and it was meant to be the hottest day if the year so far, we decided to head to the beach for the day to check out what Perth has to offer. We headed over to Cottesloe beach, which was absolutely roasting, but gorgeous. All the water here is so clear and blue, we haven’t been to one place yet where it’s murky.

Tuesday morning we each had interviews with a company called Hello Fresh, who do boxes of fresh food with recipes so all you have to do is cook it. We’d used them in the UK before, so we figured it could be a good place to work, as we both knew and enjoyed the product. We each got hired and asked to stay for the day to start training, which we did, and we started on Wednesday. It’s door to door sales, offering a discount and trying to get people to sign up for deliveries. I’m super bad at it because, believe it or not, I’m not pushy enough! Once people have told me they’re not interested, I’m like: “yep, fair enough, have a good day!” It’ll do me for the next couple weeks until I get something else, but definitely not something I can keep doing for long. I think Rich feels the same as well, so the job hunt continues.

After training on Tuesday we moved into our new flat which has been great. Wednesday we started work, and that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing since. We’re spending this weekend doing some siteseeing around Perth and going to meet some Kangaroos!! I’ll post some stuff on South Africa in the next few days as well, so look out for that!

Sunset over Perth
Street art in Perth

Freemantle Beach

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  1. Karen Lucas says:

    So Happy to hear that you are in Austrailia and have found a place to live, I am not surprised that you find it difficult selling box’s of Food. I couldn’t do it myself and I can pretty much sell anything. Both of you look great! Love you both so very much xoxox


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