Rich’s Beers of the World – South Africa


Beer: Mountain Weiss

Brewed by: Newland Spring

Type: Wheat Beer

After 2 weeks of lager lager lager in Tanzania and Kenya, the wider selection of beers offered in South Africa was much appreciated. But what beer to select first? It was tough choice, but when we sat at the Quay Four bar in the Cape Town V&A waterfront, the Weiss beer jumped off the page at me. It was a good choice. The unfiltered taste was obvious and you even taste a little banana in the after taste.

Summary: A taste of Europe at the tip of Africa


Beer: Striped Horse Craft Lager

Brewed by: Striped Horse

Type: Lager

Despite the overdose of lagers in Kenya and Tanzania, I had to try Striped Horse because it came recommended by a good friend in Cape Town. It was a clean golden lager with a very holly taste. As the first beer of the evening it went down very easily.

Summary: Good recommendation from Mr Dutton


Beer: Striped Horse Pale Ale

Brewed by: Striped Horse

Type: Pale Ale

After trying it’s sibling, the craft lager, it was only right that I next tried Striped Horse’s Pale Ale. Again it was a fairly hoppy beer, which was cloudy in the glass. Surprisingly the aftertaste brought strong hints of citrus. As a fan of Pale Ales this was my favourite from Striped Horse.

Summary: Winner of the Striped Horse family crown


Beer: Part Wolf Lager

Brewed by: Tiger’s Milk

Type: Lager

Yes it is another lager, but when you visit the bar owned by the brewer (Tiger’s Milk) it would be rude not to try one of their own creations. It was a refreshing lager and was served ice cold. But the aftertaste was a mystery, I simply could not put my finger on it despite trying to work it out with every sip.

Summary: What was that aftertaste?


Beer: Tiger’s Milk

Brewed by: Tiger’s Milk

Type: Lager

After trying the Part Wolf, the bar tender recommended trying beer which carried the name of Tiger’s Milk. My first reaction was “Oh wow, you can actually taste the milkiness in lager”. Turns out that although I was a fan, Melissa was not. Although you could not do a whole night on Tiger’s Milk it is certzinly one to try.

Summary: The after taste actually tastes like milk bottle sweets… How do they do that?


Beer: Devils Peak First Light Golden Ale

Brewed by: Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

Type: Golden Ale

It was so nice to have a golden ale again. It was amazing how close this tasted to Old Golden Hen. Great end to the evening and very nice cold.

Summary: Old Golden Hen’s South African cousin


Beer: Jack Black Cape Pale Ale

Brewed by: Jack Black

Type: Pale Ale

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the experience makes the beer. After climbing up the Platterklip Gorge to the tip of Cable Mountain, I was rewarded it a great view and a cold beer. JBs is a good clean, golden ale and similar to Kilimanjaro it was exactly what I needed after climbing the “mountain” in 35 degree heat.

Summary: As rewarding as the view from the top of Table Mountian


Beer: Jonkers Wheat Beer

Brewed by: Stellenbrau

Type: Wheat Beer

As soon as you bring the glass to your nose this beer hits you with the aroma of banana. This aroma is followed up by a banana tinge in the sip and after taste. Certainly not a traditional wheat beer but tasty none the less.

Summary: I hope you like banana


Beer: Castle Milk Stout

Brewed by: SAB Miller

Type: Stout

I saw this beer twice on the menu in Kenya but both times they had no stock, but here in South Africa I finally got a taste. And it was disappointing. It is not that it is a bad tasting stout, it’s just very bland with no stand out flavour.

Summary: Not worth the chase


Beer: Castle Tank Lager

Brewed by: SAB Miller

Type: Lager

Yet again, the African continent produces a good refreshing lager. And again another one that’s quite similar to Kilimanjaro beer. But then, to me, all lagers taste pretty similar. Certainly one to enjoy in future.

Summary: Another good African lager


Beer: Hazy Daze

Brewed by: Woodstock Brewery

Type: Wheat Beer

A dark amber wheat beer with a slightly soured taste. It was a strange taste with no defining features but still taste… I think. It’s a difficult to define beer, and more are required to really understand it.

Summary: Good, I think

Beer: Wildehog

Brewed by: Hog House Brewing Company

Type: Wheat Beer

Although Stellenbosch is known for it’s wine, when we visited the Spier vineyard were surprised to see a smokehouse and brewery onsite. Wildehog was a very light wheat beer, easy to drink, perfect for a hot day in Stellenbosch.

Summary: Hog House allows you to organise a piss up, in a brewery, in a vineyard. Result.

Beer: Hogtale

Brewed by: Hog House Brewing Company

Type: Pale Ale

Blah blah blah, here is yet another African Pale Ale… oh wait this Hogtale is a little different. Rather just another light (but refreshing) pale ale, this beer hits you with a citrus taste which makes it stand apart from the crowd.

Summary: Not just another African Pale Ale

Beer: Warthog IPA

Brewed by: Hog House Brewing Company

Type: IPA

Nice flavourful taste with the classic IPA after taste. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of IPAs in general this is a pretty good one.

Summary: Good as IPA’s go


Beer: Haybale

Brewed by: Hog House Brewing Company

Type: Saison

Classic sour flavour of a Saison, with an aftertaste of banana. Apparently there was lemon flavours in there too but I didn’t notice.

Summary: Something different, but something good


Beer: Roadhog Porter

Brewed by: Hog House Brewing Company

Type: Porter

Finally after 4 weeks in Africa I have finally found a Porter, and unlike the Castle Milk Stout, it did not disappoint. Classic coffee flavours mixed with a smokey tasting finish.

Summary: Worth the wait


Beer: Mitchell’s Milk and Honey Ale

Brewed by: Mitchell’s Knysna Brewery

Type: Amber Ale

This is a slightly darker ale which was served with oysters in Knysna. The milk gives a smooth taste and although I could not taste the honey on the first sip. The honey after taste became stronger and stronger with each mouthful which is a impressive surprise.

Summary: Gets better with ever sip

Beer: The Other Bird

Brewed by: Poison City Brewing

Type: (Dark) Lager

Wow, this beer is all about the after taste. The initial taste is very typical of a cold lager but as you swallow you are hit by a smoky charcoal flavour which stays with you.

Summary: This beer is all about the after taste

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  1. Karen Lucas says:

    So good to hear from you Rich your summary of the Beer Tasting was quite eliquint had a little glow on myself after reading each Beer. What I fancied was the one that had a taste of Banana Love You Nana xoxo


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