Margaret River and Busselton

On one of our weekends we had off in Perth, we were able to head south to explore a little bit of Margaret River, which is the wine region of Western Australia. Due to having a fairly tight budget at that time, and the copious amounts we tried in South Africa, we chose not to do any winery or vineyard tours, and instead bought a couple of local wines and drank them on the beach instead. I’m definitely not complaining about that fact however!

We left it really last minute (and it was Easter Long weekend), so we struggled to find a place to stay for the night. After trolling through all the websites, we got lucky and found this great little Airb&b near where we wanted to be, and instantly booked it.

Check out that bath!

A work friend who had spent a fair amount of time in that area gave us a few tips on where to go and what to see, which we were pretty grateful for, as we would never have found some of them otherwise. Some of them were pretty well known, like the Busselton Jetty and beaches. The Fire Station was recommend for a drink, although we didn’t end up going. Instead we walked the 2 km to the end of the Jetty, and watched the sunset go down over the water.

Busselton train that runs on the Jetty

Busselton Jetty

The next day we got up and tried to catch the dolphins at the Bunbury Discovery Centre – where the dolphins come right up to the beach to be fed. We were told around 8am was prime time; however, we stayed for almost 40 minutes and they hadn’t arrived yet. If you’ve got a day to chill, it would be worth setting up on the beach there to spot them whatever time they come in. We then headed over to Yallingup beach for a picnic and to do some snorkelling. We were going to rent a surf board and practice, but once we got there it was so busy that we decided to give surfing a miss, which, given how terrible we both are (mostly me), was probably the right call.

After having some lunch and doing some snorkling in the crystal clear water, we continued down the coast to Canal Rocks to explore it a bit. The area has been carved out by the ocean, leaving behind canals and waterways that you can climb over and across. There is a boardwalk to begin with, and if the swell isn’t too strong, you can jump off the bridge and into the water, although the swell was massive when we were there.

As we couldn’t swim there, we made our way to Injidup Natural Spa, which has multiple rock pools where you can swim and relax. I imagine when it’s not a long weekend it’s probably fairly quiet and peaceful; however, as it was Easter there was limited space and after about 40 minutes we decided to leave. By this time it was late afternoon, so we stopped at a supermarket to get some bread and cheese for dinner with a few beers to enjoy on the beach. We drove to Prevelly beach, where the 2018 world surf pros was being held later on in April, and watched the real surf pros as the sun went down behind them.

We had work then next day, so once the sun set we gathered are stuff and made the just over 2 hour drive back to Perth. Although short, it was well worth the visit and we could have easily gone back again to explore some more if we’d had the time.

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  1. Karen Lucas says:

    Always an adventure through your eyes, really enjoy receiving your blogs such talent you have and Love and miss you both so much. Keep enjoying yourselves.
    Love you xoxoxo Nana


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