3D Art Museum Seminyak

After a day wandering around Seminyak and getting very burnt at the beach, we were looking to do something out of the sun for a bit before being picked up to climb Mount Ijen. Not wanting to spend a ton of money drinking cocktails or getting massages (which are all readily available and then some), we instead found the Dream Museum Zone  and decided to that. DMZ is a 3D art museum located in Seminyak – although from looking online, there seems to be a few similar ones scattered around Bali – where you get to take pictures of yourself on/in the 3D artwork. Some of them are really neat and turn out great, whereas others left a lot to be desired; however, it was a ton of fun and took us a couple hours to go through the entire complex.

Online it states that tickets are Rp 150 000; however, we managed to find a few sites online that sold tickets for Rp 50 000 instead, which is much better. We went through Go Travel Indonesia for our tickets, but in order to do so we had to contact them via Whatsapp, and wait for a response, which may not work if you’re not a Whatsapp user (although I suggest you download it if you’re not, because so many people and places in SE Asia use it for contacting and booking). The other one we found but didn’t use was the Traveloka website, which is (I think) an Indonesian travel site that does flights, tours, bookings, and all the rest of it. They’re pretty good, we’ve used them for other things before, and they also have an app you can download rather then trying to navigate the website. Both options are good, and I’m sure there are more online if you look as well.

All in all, it was well worth the Rp 50 000 for some good laughs and a few hours indoors. It is air conditioned; however, not very well, so be prepared to still be hot and sweaty! It just makes all your water shots look a little more realistic 😉


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