Driving the Garden Route

After our week in Cape Town, we were ready to head away from the city and see what the rest of South Africa had to offer. After loads of research back in the UK, we'd decided that we wanted to drive along the southern coast of SA, more commonly known as the Garden Route. Most... Continue Reading →

Cape Town

After Kilimanjaro and 8 days on Safari, we were so ready to spend more than 2 days in one place, and that place happened to be Cape Town. Once again we were up early (3 am) to get to Nairobi airport for our flight to South Africa via a layover in Ethiopia, and it was... Continue Reading →

Update about Australia

As you can probably tell, I'm slightly delayed in posting, so I thought I'd give a bit of an update tonight instead of one about Cape Town (I will get to that one though!) We arrived in Australia on Friday at around 7pm Australian time, after an 11 hour flight from Dubai. In order for... Continue Reading →

Masai Mara

After posting about Samburu National Park and Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha there's not a lot more that can say about the Masai Mara, except that it was probably my favourite park of the trip. We spent 2 days and 3 nights within the park, at Sentrim Mara, and it ended up being my favourite... Continue Reading →

Hell’s Gate

Not far from Lake Naivasha is another national park called Hell's Gate, where we spent a morning hiking. It's the site of an old volcano, so there are a lot of volcanic rocks and formations, and there are also natural hot springs that run through it underground. We met up with another guide, Benjamin, at... Continue Reading →

Kenya: What Not to Do

I've posted a lot about what we've done, and the thing we enjoyed and would recommend to others; however, it hasn't all been completely smooth sailing. Despite really enjoying our time in Kenya, it also seemed to be the place where a lot of things went wrong or weren't as expected, so I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Rich’s Beers of the World: Kenya

Beer: Tusker Lager Brewed by: Kenya Breweries, East African Breweries Brewed in: Nairobi, Kenya Type: Pale Lager Thoughts: Beer is cheap in Kenya and we drank a lot, but there was quite a limited selection, which centred almost entirely around Tusker... Tusker is to Kenya what Guinness to Ireland. Hence we were forced to drink... Continue Reading →

Safari: Samburu

Given that we'd spent almost 10 days in Tanzania, when we were planning our trip we thought we'd then head to Kenya and go on Safari from Nairobi. As we figured it would be a long time, if ever, until we visited Kenya again, we decided to make the most of it and booked an... Continue Reading →

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